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Make Your Garage Brand New with an Epoxy Floor Re-Finish

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Epoxy Floor Re-Finish Makes Your Garage Look Brand New

Our new home in Florida needed some updates. The first thing we tackled was the garage. It was dirty and smelly. The last owners left behind a lot of junk we had to haul away.  (If you move out of your house, please take all your garbage with you. It’s a simple common courtesy.)

Once all the left-behind -stuff was removed, I painted the walls a nice bright white.

painting the garage

Here are the steps we took to re-finish the floor
    1.  In a large bucket, John mixed Muriatic Acid according to directions on the container and then applied it to the concrete floor evenly.
    2. With a strong bristled floor brush, he scrubbed the surface to remove grease and built up dirt.scrubbing garage floor
    3. Using a high-pressure hose, he rinsed the area completely.
    4. He then used a large rubber squeegee to scrape out any puddles and left the floor to dry overnight.
    5. The next day we mixed the etching solution that comes with the EpoxyShield in a 2 gallon watering can with a perforated spout.
    6. Starting from the furthest point, John evenly sprinkled the etching solution over 10 by 10 foot sections of the floor and scrubbed it in before rinsing and moving on to the next section. Etching is important for proper adhesion of the epoxy coating and prevents peeling.
    7. We left the floor to dry overnight again.
    8. The next day, we taped along the bottom of the walls to protect them from splashes etc.
    9. Following the instructions carefully that came with the box of Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield, we thoroughly mixed the epoxy and poured it into a large paint tray.Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield

epoxy directions

10. John rolled the epoxy paint onto 5 by 5 foot sections and then I sprinkled the colour chips onto the wet paint.

*A note about applying the colour chips. I found that putting a small amount in the palm of my hand and then throwing them up in the air and allowing them to float gently down to the floor ensured they separated nicely without clumping in one spot. You don’t want to paint the entire floor and then apply the colour chips because they adhere only when the paint is wet. It worked really well with one of us painting a section while one of us applied the colour chips.

colour chip close-up on epoxy floor

finished epoxy floor

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