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Shocking And Funny Pictures Of Renovation Or Build Mistakes

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We’ve been collecting pictures of renovation and construction fails for a while now. What is shocking is the enormous number of them that exist. Most are laughable, some leave you scratching your head, while others are gasp worthy. 

There are so many pictures of renovation and construction fails, in fact, we’ve had to organize them in categories. 

We hope you enjoy these as much as we have. 

Click on a picture for a larger view and to scroll through the gallery. 

Look Away If You Are OCD

Viewing these are uncomfortable and made one of us twitch.

OK That’s Just Lazy

Really? It wouldn’t have taken that much more effort to get it right.

Ever Heard Of Planning Ahead?

That Can't Be Safe

But Why?

These are so bizarre. You’ll scratch your head and wonder what the heck were they thinking?

(Honestly, most of the photos in the other sections could also go under this heading.)

Just Plain Shoddy Work

Lessons Learned

These photos should act as a warning that there are definitely some bad “builders” out there.

They prove that:

  • you probably shouldn’t always take the lowest bid. 
  • you can hire the wrong people, so check those references.
  • not everyone is cut out to do their own home renovations.
  • it’s important to know your limits.
  • communicating every detail is important.

We once hired a guy and his helper who swore they were expert at adding crown molding. After only a few hours of work, it was obvious they had no idea what they were doing. We sent them away and then had to tear out the mess they’d made, causing more work in the end. It’s a good thing we caught it when we did or our house might have been featured in these photos. You live, you learn. 

We hope you had a chuckle over these renovation and construction fails rather than relating to them. 

If you have a building or renovation fail you’d like us to add to these, please share

Bonus Video

Reno and Build Fails

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