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What Are The Latest Kitchen Trends

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Kitchens are on our minds lately and we wondered, what are the latest kitchen trends?

We began a kitchen renovation in our Florida home this past February/March before COVID-19 forced us to leave before we could quite finish it.

Back in our home in Canada, we took a long hard look at our 13-year-old kitchen and decided it needed some updating. 

With that in mind, we researched kitchen trends online. Well. The word trend means different things to different people. These so-called trends are pretty much all over the map. 

One site says we should hide range hoods while the next site says steel hoods displayed are all the rage. One site claims open shelves are the way to go, while another site warns against too many open shelves. I read that unique cabinet handles are a trend, while other sites claim that no handles are in. Honestly, trying to find the right look can make your head spin.

Pouring over picture after picture of kitchen trends made one thing clear to us. Taste is subjective. Just choose a style that you love. Some photos made us cringe while others made us swoon. Obviously the styles that made us cringe, hot trend or not, should be avoided. The bottom line is – whatever you choose is what you have to live with. And if you’re like us, you may live with it for a long time, so you better love it.

There were a few kitchen trends mentioned more than once, ones that we liked, giving us hope that they were legit. For us, anyway. Some were a hard no. 


Interior designers are the trendsetters, hopefully following their clients’ tastes, but honestly, some “trends” they report for this year and the next are a little too “out there” for us.

For example: Apparently stainless steel appliances are out and coloured appliances are in.

This kitchen, while pretty, would get to us after a couple of years weeks. Changing up all of your appliances because you’re over the colour would get very expensive.
That’s just our opinion. Maybe one day we’ll be into it. (We doubt it.)

Kitchen Islands

Remember how most kitchen islands were bar height on one side and counter height on the other? Our home in Canada still has this type of kitchen island.

When we were renovating our Florida home, however, we went with a large rectangular counter height island. That was the style we were seeing in the new homes we looked at, and we find this style works well for us.

This type of island doubles as a dining table:

While researching kitchen island trends we discovered double islands are now popular.

Gorgeous, right?
Not every kitchen has the luxury of that much room, though. If you’re building from scratch or if you have an enormous kitchen space, this can work.


Clean Lines

Simplicity, minimalist and clean lines were terms that we found over and over.

For cabinetry, many tout flat paneled cupboards as a kitchen trend for 2020/2021. Also popular, minimal detailing and no crown molding. 

flat panelled cupboards

If not flat paneled, then shaker style is popular.  

shaker style cabinets


Hardware for cabinetry, again, was all over the place, but we noticed the more contemporary flat panelled cabinets often had no handles and relied on push to open hidden hardware.

Where cabinets have hardware, it’s streamlined, not bulky and therefore less conspicuous.

barely noticeable cabinet hardware

A trend we’re seeing more often is gold-coloured hardware for cabinets and even for faucets and kitchen lighting. (See image above of shaker style cabinet) Not something we would use at this point only because we’ve removed enough old brass faucets in some of our past renovations. It’s just too soon for us, but never say never.

Flat black is popular for hardware and can look really sharp on white cabinetry.


The kitchen is still, maybe even more so during COVID, the heart of the home and an open plan is still popular. Considering the kitchen often opens on to living areas, the choice of colour should complement that room.

Navy millwork for cabinets is popular right now. It looks particularly sharp against the white countertop.



Marble is still very popular, but instead of Carrara marble, the trend is for Calacatta marble because of its beautiful veining. Personally, we find this veining too much. It reminds us of runway fashion. The outfits on the runway are often over the top, but then street fashion will take a more subtle approach and use aspects of what they saw on the runway. We prefer a more subtle veining like the second photo below. What do you think?

calcutta marble counter top

Image credit: Blakes London

Marble is a great surface for working with pastry dough because it stays cool, but keep in mind that it also scratches and stains more easily than granite does. Whatever you do, keep vinegar away from it. (Personally learned this lesson the hard way. Ugh.)

Countertop trends favour  high performance. Especially during this time of COVID-19, when so many are home more, durable countertops are especially important. All that homework and baking that is being done on them can take a toll. White countertops are still the most popular, with wood beginning to show favour.


We still love our granite countertops because they are “rock” stars of durability. “Rock” solid performers, if you will. (Sorry)


If you are a do-it-yourself-er then check out the amazing countertop in this church to home renovation. It’s a concrete counter top that looks like quartz!  Amazing!

New sink and faucet in counter top


There are some gorgeous quartz countertops popular right now. You must be careful not to place hot pots etc. on them as they are not heat resistant.


This one’s personal. We have wanted to change our backsplash, well, finish it actually, for a long time.

We had tiles around the inside of our island that matched the tile behind our sink, but we never continued the tile behind our stove. Why? We became paralysed with doubt at that point.

We put it off because we couldn’t decide on what that area should look like. Fast forward 13 years (we know), and today the tile behind the sink and on the island is outdated. So began our research into backsplash tile for 2020/2021 trends.

Again, we found the recommendations were all over the place. Everything from puzzle-like laser cut tile, herringbone, mirror, specialty shaped, large pattern, subway, custom mosaic tile to full marble slabs and more. Aaahhh! Too many choices!

We had to take a step back and look at our kitchen as a whole. What was it needing? By doing that, we realized that there was too much dark wood. Dark wood flooring, dark wood cabinets, dark wood beams. Our kitchen needed some lightening up. We loved the white marble slab look, but our budget did not, so we opted for a similar look using large tiles.

According to the 2020 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, “homeowners who upgrade their backsplash are installing the backsplash from the countertop all the way up to the ceiling…”

Ooh, we’re on trend. We’ll share the outcome in a post soon.

And that brings us to…


Recessed lighting in kitchens and pendants over islands are still the most popular. And, once again, the styles run the gamut.

pendant lighting 2020

While we were looking at our 13-year-old kitchen for new ideas, we realized the pendant lighting over the island needed updating.

Instead of changing the four pendants entirely, we decided to only update the glass shades. The originals gave off too much of a yellow hue and in keeping with our idea of brightening the kitchen we needed pendants that would let the light shine.

It was a simpler and much cheaper option, and we’re very pleased with the result. Yay us!

Now to find the perfect bulbs…

pendant glass shades
The glass shade on the left cast too yellow of a hue.


Maybe it’s the Marie Kondo trend, maybe we’re all just fed up with chaos, whatever the reason, organization is top of most peoples list of needs in their kitchen space. Hands up if you agree.

Lots of large deep drawers, pull out shelving, and well-organized pantries are in demand.

And if you have the room, who wouldn’t love a walk-in pantry (butler pantry) complete with coffee bar. Perfection.


In our online and in-person searches for the latest kitchen trends, a few things stood out to us. 

Basically, just go with what you love. With that said, try to stick with styles that won’t scream 2020 a few years from now unless you are willing and can afford to start over and renovate it all again. (And there’s nothing wrong with that!)

Simplicity, high performance, clean lines, well organized are phrases that kept recurring in our search. 

Whatever you decide on, we’d love to see it. Please consider sharing your latest kitchen renovation with us

We’d love to hear from you. Do you love or hate any of these trends? Are there any styles or trends you would like us to include, please let us know in the comments below. 

the latest kitchen trends
The Latest Kitchen Trends

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